Scholarship Information

Flint STEM Camps understands that kids need financial assistance sometimes, so we’re committed to providing scholarships to qualifying applicants. Up to 10% of campers attend on scholarship.

Two ways to qualify for a scholarship

  1. Free or Reduced Price School Meals
  2. Write an essay

Free and Reduced Lunch

If you currently receive USDA Free Meals, you may qualify for a full scholarship to attend a camp. If you currently receive Reduced Price Meals, you may qualify for a $165 scholarship toward the full camp tuition (you would pay the balance). As part of the application process, please provide Flint Education with a copy of your “Free and Reduced Lunch Letter.”

Write an Essay

If you do not receive USDA Free or Reduced Price Schools Meals, you may still be able to qualify for a scholarship. Students may write an essay to qualify for a $165 scholarship (you would pay the balance). Here are the parameters for writing an essay:

  • Topic: “Discuss a STEM activity or job that interests you and why?”
  • Up to 300 words
  • Upload the essay or copy it into the area provided in the application form

Here’s how to apply.

  1. Click the “Apply for a Scholarship” button and fill out our Scholarship Application Form.
  2. Once you’ve submitted your application, you will be placed in a queue.
  3. When the camp you’d like to attend reaches the minimum enrollment, we will fill the scholarship slots on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Since each camp has a limited number of scholarships available, once those slots are filled, unfortunately, no additional scholarships can be provided.
  5. Flint Education will be in contact with you to inform you of your qualifying scholarship application status.

Apply for a Scholarship