Who We Are

Flint Education offers premier STEM camps throughout the U.S. for 4th to 9th grade students.

Flint wants to honor the passionate teachers who most inspired us. This respect for the time and talent of educators who want the very best for their students feeds into all aspects of hosting a camp.

Flint STEM Camps are the passion project of engineers and entrepreneurs Max Soto and Wilson Hack. They created Flint to make it easier for educators to spark exploration in young minds.

Max and Wilson met while studying Engineering at the University of Kansas. They both attended typical STEM camps as elementary school students, and believe there had to be a better way to ignite excitement around the crucial fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Max and Wilson’s cutting-edge, simple-to-execute “STEM Camp-in-a-Box” system has received stellar reviews from campers, educators and parents alike. Flint believes this is STEM as it should be.


As a co-founder of Flint, Wilson sets the strategic direction for the company to ensure the curriculum inspires as many students as possible, both today and into the rapidly changing future.

Wilson‘s interest in STEM education stretches back across the many popsicle bridges he remembers constructing in his youth. While earning a degree in Computer Science from the University of Kansas, he continued to pursue and promote his passion for STEM education with long-time friend Max Soto. While at KU, Max and Wilson planned and coordinated several STEM-related events and competitions for K-12 students. As those plans evolved, they created Flint STEM Camps as a way to bring high-quality STEM education opportunities to students at all income levels across the US. Outside of running Flint, Wilson has worked in venture capital, management consulting, information security consulting, investment advising and software engineering.


Max Soto joined Wilson in co-founding Flint based on his passion to make STEM education innovative and inspiring. He’s the company’s visionary and also leads day-to-day operations, including customer relations and camp implementation.

Max became inspired by his idea to create a fun-first STEM program while studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas. As an Aerospace Engineering student, Max imageined and designed a futuristic propulsion system that requires no combustable fuel. Together with his long-time friend Wilson Hack, he harnessed his passion for STEM education to launch and found Flint STEM Camps. Max wakes up every morning driven to make Flint the best STEM education company in the world through its one-of-a-kind STEM camp-in-a-box experience. His experiences as a Head Researcher in an Aerospace Engineering laboratory where he worked on creating a new ice detection system for wing surfaces, in tutoring student athletes at KU in Mathematics and in venture capital combine to inform his inspired vision for Flint.


As the Director of Curriculum & Student Experience, Devon Cantwell capitalizes on her extensive and diverse experiences as a STEM educator to develop project-based and inspiring STEM programs.

Devon Cantwell has a deep passion for making STEM interesting and accessible for all students. Her career in STEM education started in 2012 as a secondary mathematics instructor for Teach for America in Birmingham, Alabama. While in that role, she increased AP mathematics enrollment by over 100% through her AP Statistics course. After TFA, Devon worked as an Innovative Learning Specialist at the N.E. Miles Jewish Day School, where she taught STEM and robotics, as well as coached teachers on technology and project-based learning integration. She moved to the Mississippi Delta in 2014 to work for TFA-Mississippi providing instructional coaching support to first and second-year teachers. She also worked with a grassroots charter school as the Director of Innovation, where she opened a school Maker Space and implemented a STEM-focused after-school curriculum for students. In 2016, Devon founded a non-profit organization, Jackson Kids Code, with a fellow TFA alum, Javier Peraza. Jackson Kids Code seeks to provide enrichment opportunities for K-12 students in Jackson, MS to learn computer science. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Political Science at the University of Utah.